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Uniqueness – differently abled in physical movement and mute by birth

Last year we found a boy limping in the streets aimlessly. He was unkempt in his appearance. It bothered us to notice him like that and we couldn’t stop ourselves from finding and contacting his family.
His father works as a security gaurd and mother as a house helper. Due to the limitations in their awareness and education, they were never able to provide the resources and support a child like him needed. He was never admitted to any school or vocational Institute.
We could only imagine how rejected and disregarded he must have felt throughout his life.
So, we welcomed him here happily.
Meet Santosh, one of the most Energetic trainees of our organisation. He is 18yrs old residing in locality of Kacha Pakka Slum area (near Ghantaghar) in Delhi with his parents.
He has been undergoing training in our vocational center for the last one year.
Now he commutes well on time, cut threads in bag making process, attends to Stall duties, contributes in packaging of our products.

Not just this, he is always found smiling during interactions, strongly follows all the instructions and always takes innitiative in taking up new tasks. He is now more organised and structured in his life routine.

He had never picked a pencil in his life before, and he can write counting.

After getting almost a year long training and becoming habitual of this environment and this work, he has now earned his salary.

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