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POWHER’s Livelihood Program

POWHER’s Livelihood Program is a comprehensive approach to empowering individuals, particularly women and those with disabilities, through vocational training and advanced skill development. The program also involves the creation of self-help groups (SHGs) for women and girls from slum communities, promoting their financial independence and providing them with the skills and resources to create and market sustainable products.

One of the key components of POWHER’s Livelihood Program is file and folder making. This skill training provides individuals with the knowledge and hands-on experience to create high-quality, durable, and attractive files and folders that can be used in offices, schools, and homes. Additionally, through this training, individuals gain valuable marketable skill that can help them earn a living.

Another important aspect of the Livelihood Program is bag making. This skill training teaches individuals how to create a range of bags from different materials, including cloth and paper. This training not only helps individuals acquire valuable marketable skill, but also provides them with the opportunity to create eco-friendly products that can reduce waste and conserve resources.

In addition to file and folder making and bag making, the Livelihood Program also includes training in diva making. Divas are traditional clay lamps used in Hindu ceremonies and festivals, and making these items provides individuals with a valuable skill that they can use to earn a living.

Holi, Diwali, and other festivals also play a significant role in the Livelihood Program. During these celebrations, POWHER provides training in the creation of festival-related products, including organic Holi Gulal, which is made from flowers collected from temples in east Delhi and is chemical-free, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly. Additionally, POWHER provides training in the creation of Diwali products, including candles and diyas, made from natural materials and using environmentally responsible methods.

The Livelihood Program also includes the creation of conference and seminar products, such as conference folders, name tags, and pens. These products help individuals gain valuable experience in creating products for a specific purpose and market and also provide them with the opportunity to create high-quality, professional items that can be used at conferences, seminars, and other events. 

In conclusion, POWHER’s Livelihood Program is a comprehensive approach to empowering individuals, providing them with valuable skills, and promoting financial independence. Through its focus on vocational training, advanced skill development, SHG creation, and the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly products, POWHER is helping individuals lead productive and self-supporting lives while also promoting sustainability and creating a more equitable and environmentally responsible world.


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