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                 Provide Opportunity to Women, Handicap for Empowerment & Rehabilitation

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POWHER is a non-profit organization created by a united team of social workers who dreamed to uplift and empowering women and specially-abled people living in the slums of North Delhi.  July 2010 marked the beginning of this initiative, by firstly organizing programs for education and imparting knowledge of basic manners and etiquette to a group of young boys and girls in the slums in North Delhi. These sessions were conducted by unpaid volunteers in open spaces available in the parks.



Our vision is to empower the girls and women living in the urban slum communities and enable them in leading a life with dignity, equality, and development to their maximum potential.



Our mission is to uplift the underprivileged and differently-abled sections of society, residing in the slums of North Delhi through creating skill development programs and livelihood opportunities.



1)    Vocational skills training – Training and developing the skills of women with reference to specially enabled women.

2)    Self-Employment – Generating employment opportunities for women by utilizing the skills imparted for supporting themselves and their families.

3)    Rehabilitation- Creating new avenues for women, young girls, and the differently abled to restore back their position in society.

4)    Self- Help Groups – Establish Self- help groups & create self-sustaining production centers for producing and marketing products to cater to the needs of the local market.

5)    Awareness – Spreading awareness about their legal rights and facilitating access to learning and training.




1)    Advance Skill Development Training -We have successfully been able to undertake underprivileged women, differently abled people and give them training in various skills such as stitching, embroidery, tailoring, and handicrafts. 

2)    Employment- We have worked to create opportunities for participation and avenues for a better and improved livelihood decreasing the vulnerability and challenges that these individuals faced or continue to face.

3)    Rehabilitation- We have made efforts towards rehabilitating and empowering differently abled, women by breaking the vicious cycle of their poverty and helping them lead self-sustaining lives.