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Provide Opportunity To Women, Handicap For Empowerment & Rehabilitation


Our vision is to empower the girls and women living in the urban slum communities and enabling them in leading a life with dignity, equality and development to their maximum potential.


Our mission is to uplift the underprivileged and differently abled sections of society, residing in the slums of North Delhi through creating skill development programs and livelihood opportunities


Access to Learning and Training

POWHER is an NGO which works for the upliftment of poor and less abled persons. A vast majority of the employees at POWHER are extremely poor, differently abled and have no other source of income in the family.


POWHER is a non-profit organization created by a united team of social workers who dreamed to uplift and empower women and specially abled people living in the slums of North Delhi. July 2010 marked the beginning of this initiative, by firstly organizing programmes for education and imparting knowledge of basic manners and etiquettes to a group of young boys and girls of the slums in North Delhi. These sessions were conducted by unpaid volunteers in open spaces available in the parks.

The children were extremely enthusiastic and keen to learn. They also volunteered to plant trees in the parks and promised to nurture them. Some of them exhibited talents in drawing and painting, singing, slogan writing, cultural activities and dramatics. Special training sessions, competitions and cultural programs were also organized within the meager resources that could be mustered from the contributions made by likeminded friends and colleagues. Through these small steps the organization started building its blocks for providing skill training programmes and self-employment opportunities to rehabilitate the women and differently abled in the society.


Nan Baboo Jaiswal

Founder and Chairperson of POWHER is a post – graduate in SOCIAL WORK. He has worked for a number of projects during his twenty year engagement with an NGO that worked for the upliftment of poor and differently abled children. These experiences created a personal agenda for him to pledge and devote the rest of his life to work for making the lives of the less fortunate worth living.

Rozina Suleman

Rozina Suleman has been actively working in the field of social work since she was fifteen years old. While pursuing her master’s degree in Social Work she met Nan Baboo Jaiswal. After working together for ten years they both came up with the idea of POWHER together.



Existence of nature and human goes hand in hand. We are a part of nature and nature is part of us. So, we believe, as human beings, it’s our duty to keep the balance b/w the two maintained for a sustainable growth.

Therefore, our aim is to create a space where both human and nature can evolve in a balance. Hence, the following 3 major aspects of our project.

We provide:

Vocational Skills Training – for Livelihood

Rehabilitation – for Quality of Life

Upcycling of Waste – for Protecting Nature

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