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Our Commitment to Quality: Purity in Every Hue

Experience the Pure Bliss of Holi with POWHER’s Certified Organic Gulal: Embark on a journey of authentic Holi celebrations with POWHER’s vibrant and pure organic Gulal. Our unwavering commitment to quality and transparency guarantees an unparalleled experience for you and your loved ones. Dive into the colors of joy, supported by our rigorous testing and certification processes, as we take immense pride in delivering products of the highest standard.


Certificate of Purity: A Seal of Assurance

Certified Purity for Your Peace of Mind: At POWHER, each batch of our Gulal undergoes meticulous testing by accredited laboratories, and we proudly present our Certificate of Purity. This certification ensures that our Gulal is free from harmful substances, non-toxic, and skin-friendly, providing a safe and enjoyable celebration for all.Quality Assurance Test Results: Celebrate Confidently!
  1. Toxicity: Our Gulal is skin-friendly and completely non-toxic, ensuring a safe and delightful celebration for everyone.
  2. Nature of Origin: Crafted from herbal ingredients and free from chemicals, our Gulal respects the purity of nature.
  3. Density: With reduced floatability in the air, our Gulal provides a controlled and enjoyable application experience.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Easy cleaning and washing contribute to a hassle-free and eco-friendly celebration.
  5. Pollution: By being free from harmful substances, our Gulal actively contributes to reducing air pollution during festivities.
Bring vibrant colors to your Holi festivities with POWHER’s organic Gulal. Shop now for a joyful and eco-friendly celebration

journey from flowers to gulal

Aarav Kapoor

Movie Director

POWHER's Gulal added vibrancy and safety to our Holi festivities. The colors are vivid, and the eco-friendly aspect aligns with our values. A top-notch choice for a joyful celebration!

Priya Sharma

Wellness Blogger

Impressed by POWHER's Gulal! The colors are fantastic, and the skin-friendly, non-toxic formula made our Holi worry-free. Quality and eco-friendliness in every throw!

Dr. Ananya Reddy

Environmental Scientist

Exceptional product! POWHER's Gulal exceeded expectations. The Certificate of Purity brings peace of mind, and the reduced floatability made application a breeze. A must-have for a memorable Holi!

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